Faith+Lead Learning Laboratory

Lead dynamic, courageous Christian communities

Lead dynamic, courageous Christian communities

The church is changing. What is God calling us to do about?

What's the Learning Lab?

A social platform for church leaders.

Think of it like Facebook for pastors and lay leaders...but without the Fake News.

It's a space to connect and share...

To express joy and sorrows...

To find leaders and communities facing the same challenges you are: connect with members based on location, church size, context, role, denomination, or interest; form groups; create local or virtual meet-ups to gather support and share deeply.

A space for discernment.

No one needs to tell you we're experiencing seismic shifts in the culture and the church.

We believe the Holy Spirit is moving in the midst of these changes, and we're being called to join in.

We'll talk together...pray together...and discern together where God is leading us.

A connected learning hub.

No one has all the answers.

But you have some...and a congregation across the country has another...and a lay leader two states over has another.

We want to be a hub where Christian leaders come to get ideas, share what's working, and help each other through what's not.

By connecting the leaders, resources, and communities exploring how to cultivate Christian faith in the 21st century, we believe God will teach us how to deepen spiritual formation, build community, innovate faithfully, welcome diversity, form disciples, and create and manage new models of ministry...together.

Who Should Join?

Anyone involved in Christian ministry: Ordained ministers, deacons, lay leaders, church council members, altar guild coordinators, youth pastors, preachers and teachers of every stripe.

Leaders from every denomination: The Learning Lab is intentionally ecumenical. We believe that the Holy Spirit has moved in different communities and traditions in different ways, and we're all better off when we learn from each other.

Anyone interested in coming away with the following:

1. New connections and conversations with Christian leaders across the country.

2. Deep dives with cohorts that connect to your ministry context and interests.

3. Breakthrough practices for the formation of Christian faith, identity, and community in a secular age.

4. A supportive group of peers where you can swap experiments, stories, key learnings, reflections, resources, feedback, questions, and more.

5. Inspiration, thought-provoking content, and faithful perspectives.

Are You In?

We believe God is at work. We believe the Holy Spirit is calling the church into a new future. We believe now is the time to discover and embody new ways to lead the church more deeply into God's life and love for the world. If you want to join us on the journey, the Learning Lab is for you.

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